Download easyC V2 -
Click the link above to download the current version of easyC V2, new features include:
    Support for the new VEX Robotics Driver
    Windows 7 Support
    Copy Paste Between Projects
    Improved Download Speed
    Vexnet Support
    Mastercode V10
    XP/Vista/7, 512MB RAM, 200MB HDD, 1024x768 Display
    Added support for enhanced accelerometer
    Added support for enhanced gyroscopic sensor
    Software driver compatible with all three types of USB to Serial programming cables

Release Date: 7-2-2012
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Information on Robotics Engineering Curriculum
This page contains all you need to know about REC and explains the learning loop intelitek uses to teach students the fundamentals of robotics and engineering.
Driver for the new USB-to-USB adapter used for updating mastercode and programming.
Driver for the old USB-to-Serial adapter used for updating mastercode and programming.